Here’s What Really Happens When You Go Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Here's What Really Happens When You Go Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

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Read this fun piece on HuffPo today and had to share—not to burst any bubbles, and not to rain on any shopping parades, because it’s really not doing that, honestly. But it is giving a pretty realistic account of what shopping for a wedding dress really entails—frantic text messages and public nudity and second-guessing included—without painting over it with a glitter-and-champagne brush. (I mean, there is also joy and excitement and all of that, of course—but you already knew that.)

Good to read if you haven’t headed out yet on your first dress-finding expedition—and good to read to relate to, if you’ve been there done that.

Anyone else a little surprised by what their first dress-shopping experience was really like? In what way?

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