Invite a Celebrity to Your Wedding and You Just Might Get Their Autograph

Peyton Manning's lovely response to a fan's wedding invitation/Photo via Reddit.

Peyton Manning’s lovely response to a fan’s wedding invitation. Photo via Reddit.

A few years ago, when my friend and Philly mag colleague Christy Speer Lejeune was engaged and planning her wedding (you can read her posts for PW on that below!), she announced that she was going to invite both Mr. Barak Obama and Ms. Dolly Parton to her wedding with the goal of receiving back some sort of response. (Christy is from Nashville, and Dolly Parton is her everything.) Meaning, not a ‘yes’ RSVP, because duh, but at least some sort of correspondence that would be thrilling and fun to receive, and something to add to the box of lovely wedding mementos.

Though very sadly, she never did find a legit address for Dolly, she fired an invite off to Mr. and Mrs. POTUS—and did indeed receive, as she says, “a very sweet regret and congrats note from the Obamas.” Which really, is kinda fun.

Christy’s not the only bride I’ve known to do something like this—and in fact, in this day and age, it’s become a thing for regular ole peeps like us to “invite” celebrities to things like weddings and proms and other events—and heck, sometimes, they even go. (See: Justin Timberlake, Marine Corps Ball.)

And according to this post on Deadspin, while professional athletes, not surprisingly, don’t exactly show up at the fan weddings to which they are invited, KitchenAid mixer in tow, they do often send back a politely declined RSVP—and frequently, with an autograph. A few readers they heard from even received back some fun sports paraphernalia, like signed batting gloves. (Or, as the post points out, another approach is to send a wedding gift to a celeb who is getting married, thereby prompting a thank-you note.)

Have any of you thought of inviting a celeb or Philly athlete to your wedding? Anyone actually do it and get a response? Share in the comments! 

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