Zach Braff Wins at Wedding Photo Bombing

I have no idea how I’m just seeing this now—but just in case you missed it, too, I’m sharing, because it’s really kind of funny.

Much like how we Philadelphians see freshly married couples in front of their photog on the median on South Broad Street so that City Hall is perfectly set in the background, so too was this couple kissing in the middle of an intersection in Times Square. But unlike most people who wait until the shot is over, or scurry a different way so as not to interupt, Mr. Zach Braff here decided, instead, to linger and cheese for the camera—so the couple’s photog made sure he saw his handy work by Tweeting it at him later. And I laugh every time I look at it.


Hmm, who would you not mind photo bombing your City Hall newlywed kiss? Bradley Cooper? Will Smith? Kevin Bacon? Certainly makes for a framer, that’s for sure.

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