Someone Please Invite Me to Your Gay Wedding in Hawaii



Hawaii has just become the most recent state to pass same-sex marriage legislation, making all other weddings pale now in comparison against the prospect of a gay wedding in Hawaii, because who wouldn’t want to go to a gay wedding in Hawaii?

Our most tropical state is already a popular spot for destination weddings, and now that anyone can legally tie the knot there (same-sex weddings are set to begin December 2nd), the University of Hawaii is projecting that the state is set to rake in an estimated $217 million over the next three years. Sounds about right. Finding a date and booking a venue just got a little trickier for all couples looking to say their vows on Hawaiian sand.

And if you need a little help deciding on which Hawaiian island you’d like to tie the knot, we saw this helpful breakdown on HuffPo of the various isles, and what they each offer a couple in love.

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