9 Tips for Fighting With Your Soon-to-Be Husband



Way to end the week on a positive note, huh?

Ha, I know, but I was reading this article, and the thing is, these tips for fighting fair with your person don’t just apply to newlyweds adjusting to each other during the first years of their marriage. (Remember how we learned that the first two years are filled with adjustment, and then by the third year you’ll actually like each other more than you’ll ever like each other again?)

They also apply to engaged couples planning a wedding—because, as we’ve talked about here before, you just might find that the two of you are quibbling more than you usually do. Right now, you’re dealing with all sorts of topics (money, family and family dynamics, religion, etc., etc.)—and making decision after decision after decision—at an extremely intensified level, and, well, it’s as simple as that: it just makes for more fights. Or at least more opportunities to fight.

So read. And keep ’em in mind the next time he balks at your desire to release doves after you say your vows.

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