Solutions for the 9 Most Awkward Wedding-Guest Situations



The guest list has, perhaps, always been the area of weddings most fraught with difficulty. With awkwardness, with tension, with uncertainty. Making up your guest list is usually painful no matter which way you cut it, then you have to deal with RSVPs (chasing down MIA RSVPs being only one of the issues there), and then, of course, there is the dreaded seating chart.

The solutions really lie in being prepared. If you have an idea of the types of issues that can arise when it comes to your guests—from which ones might cause drama on your Big Day to how to respond if, say, you run into your mother-in-law’s friend from book club and she mentions how excited she is for the wedding when an invitation is not, in fact, on its way to her—you’ll be much better off.

That’s why we’re sharing this post about some awkward guest situations and what to do about each of them. Because inevitably—especially in this day and age when social media makes wedding etiquette that much more complicated—you are going to run into at least one of them, if not a handful. And in any of these cases, it’s best to be armed.

What other awkward guest list situations have you found yourself in? How did you handle it? You might be helping out a fellow bride-to-be!

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