Stephen Colbert Marries Couple Whose Wedding Was Cancelled by the Government Shutdown

Few days late to the party on this—but I figure if I hadn’t seen this fabulousness, there were probably other people out there with me!

As we are all aware, the government shutdown is making various aspects of life difficult for a lot of people, and one of the more visible problems being caused by this whole thing is actually canceled weddings. Wherever you are, if you were getting married at a national monument or park, well, now you’re not.

Funny dude Stephen Colbert took one couple’s troubles into his own hands at the end of last week, when he just went ahead and married them on his show. (Hey, he’s ordained!)

Obviously, it was an excellent ceremony. The bride carried Colbert’s recently-won Emmy down the aisle as a bouquet. Mandy Patinkin and Audra McDonald sang. It was all just as beautiful, I’m sure, as their wedding would have been at the Jefferson Memorial. Watch it here:

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