Wedding Crunchers Tool Lets You Search Bajillions of New York Times Wedding Stories

Just don't expect to find a lot from Philly in there.

Wedding Crunchers Tool Let's You Search Bajillions of New York Times Wedding Stories

Philly doesn't make a lot of appearances in the NYT weddings section, apparently.

So perhaps you heard last week about this super amazing time killer: Wedding Crunchers, which lets you search bajillions of old New York Times wedding sections (well, 60,000 at least, from 1981 to now) for pretty much anything you want to search for. You just enter it in, and it spits out how many “Weddings and Celebrations” sections talk about what you’re thinking about.

Welp, my colleague Simon over at the Philly Post crunched some Philly terms, and as it turns out, we don’t turn up all that frequently in the fancy-shmancy section. But ah well—you know you’ll futz with it, anyway, when you’re supposed to be doing something else.


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