Wedding Videographer Gets Tricky With Camera Strapped to Remote Control Helicopter, Hits Groom in Face

Honestly, I cannot articulate why I find this to be so funny, but I saw this video while half asleep and half watching Jimmy Kimmel—and then laughed just as hard when I found the video online while fully awake. (And before you tell me I’m mean, the bride and groom laughed, too, just so you know.)

A wedding photographer from Utah’s Pointe Digital tried to get tricky during a pre-wedding photo shoot with one of his couples—a few days before their wedding, thank goodness—by strapping his camera onto a remote controlled helicopter, and then flying it dramatically above them as they stood in a field.

Below is what happened instead, so take a look, and then click here to read what the videographer had to say about it. (And yes, like I said, the bride and groom were cool with it, and even requested that he put the video online, so it’s fine.)

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