TREND: Tattooed Brides On the Rise In Philly

TREND: Tattooed Brides On the Rise In Philly

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The Inq had an interesting article yesterday on the subject of brides and tattoos, the gist of which was this:

  • Many brides still cover up their tattoos for the big day, layering on heavy concealer or professionally airbrushed makeup. But a growing number not only are selecting gowns that showcase their body art, they’re also augmenting their ink with new wedding tattoos that serve as modern, elegant (and, yes, permanent) symbols of their relationships.

In it, they introduce us to several couples who have gotten either matching tattoos at some point in their relationship or so-called wedding tattoos, a tattoo artist who gives his perspective on this whole thing, and Mike Allebach, a local wedding photographer who kinda specializes in the non-traditional bride and wedding. (We’ve met him before, back when bride-to-be Kathleen was blogging for us! He was her and Christian’s photog.)

I can name two people off the top of my head who have both matching tattoos with their significant other, as well as one that is specifically related to their wedding. And from where I sit, it does seem that at least anecdotally, even people who aren’t tattoo people, per se, have been doing the wedding tattoo thing. It’s another tangible thing to commemorate the day.

However, if you’re a bride-to-be who isn’t into showing your tattoo(s) on your Big Day, be it for any of the reasons the Inq article mentions (connected to an ex? Just over it?), we’ll remind you of Beautiful Brides Philly, a local makeup service that specializes in covering them up. And if you’re not into your bridesmaids flashing their tats around, either, here’s a refresher on how best to handle that situation.

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So what about you? Any brides out there have matching tattoos with their groom or planning on getting a tattoo to commemorate your wedding day?

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