BRIDAL DIET: 3 Tips for Making a Better, Healthier Smoothie

BRIDAL DIET: 3 Tips for Making a Better, Healthier Smoothie


Ok, wait: So the order in which you add your smoothie ingredients to your blender makes a difference? I mean, the not adding a nut butter in first makes sense—it’d coat the blades, and that’d be pretty much as far as it goes—but the idea that all along I should have been putting liquids in first, then soft ingredients, then the hard or frozen ones? Well, got me. I did not know. I actually feel like I do the exact opposite.

That’s why I’m sharing Be Well Philly‘s tips on how to make a better smoothie. Because apparently, there are things to learn. And we know you brides can’t get enough of your healthy, on-the-go smoothies and juices in your get-dress-ready regimen.

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