Best of Philly 2013: Picks For Brides

Here's a peek at winners you need to know about.

Best of Philly 2013: Picks For Brides

The 2013 Best of Philly issue is here!

Well, since we’ve now spent two weeks yapping about the 40 events and promotions going on for Philly mag‘s 40th year of Best of Philly, you may have the idea by now: It’s Best of Philly time!

The issue—the August 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine—is finally out, and to give you an idea of how full it is of shout-outs for businesses you, as a bride, will definitely want to know about, we thought we’d give you a preview right here, just like we always do, of a few of the Best of Philly awards that would be of interest of to you at this particular time in your life.

Like what you see here? Go pick up an issue and check out all 286 of this year’s winners! Let’s get started:

Best of Philly 2013 Braid Bar: AMS Luxury Salon (Hello, special-occasion hair!)

Paging through stylist Tasha Jetter’s book of braids is totally overwhelming. Waterfall, Dutch, milkmaid—who knew there were so many options? Once you choose, sit back, drop-jawed, while she twists your tresses into the coolest design you’ve ever seen. Six minutes and 20 bucks later, you’ll step out into the world with an enviable look that lasts for days—and makes your usual blowout suddenly seem humdrum.

Best of Philly 2013 Formalwear: Elizabeth Johns (Tell your mom!)

For galas, black-tie balls, the Oscars (lucky you!), this is where you’ll find the dress that’ll give you that collective-room-gasp Eliza Doolittle moment (minus the whole Cockney-accent thing).

Best of Philly 2013 Men’s Custom Suiting: Commonwealth Proper (Get your groom there, stat!)

If James Bond, Don Draper and George Clooney lived in Philly, this is where they’d suit up.

Best of Philly 2013 Lingerie: Hope Chest (Stock up for that ‘moon!)

This past fall, the lovely ladies of this pretty-little-something boutique, Donna Goetz and Jen Rosen, were kind of enough to expand their operation from Haverford into Center City, so that we now have two outposts at which to uncover silk and lace femininery that makes us feel like Gisele.

Best of Philly 2013 Bikini Wax: Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique (General, um, wedding-night preparedness!)

There’s no way, really, to completely eradicate pain or indignity from a bikini wax, but Heads & Tails makes the whole process a lot less scary. The spot is bright, energetic and clean, and the French hard wax they use is loaded with oils that make the end result a lot less red with a lot less ouch.

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