10 Wedding Weight-Loss Tips For Brides

10 Wedding Weight-Loss Tips For Brides


I don’t usually watch The Lookout, ABC’s primetime news show dedicated to the consumer, because they do a lot of those undercover reporting things where they then go back to the offending business and reveal themselves and display all of said business’s crimes to them and tape their sputtering reaction, and those make me wildly uncomfortable.

But I happened to catch it the other night, and along with one of those aforementioned uncomfortable undercover operations in which they found people selling bad diamonds, they focused on brides doing bridal bootcamps in order to get in shape for their weddings. They featured the bootcamp of this one dude Doug Rice in Dallas who yells things like, “If the dress don’t fit, you must have quit!” and “What doesn’t kill you makes you thinner!” while his trainees are frantically doing burpees and lunges.

Brides seem to really like him, he gets results, and today, I found his top 10 tips for boosting your metabolism during the months leading up to your wedding. All good reminders! Now all you need is someone to yell “NO QUITTING TILL THE FINAL FITTING” at you while you work out, and you’ll be all set.

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