TREND: More and More Women Doing Boudoir Shoots to Mark Special Occasions (You Know, Like Weddings)

Saw an interesting segment on Good Morning America this morning that was basically about boudoir shoots, though I don’t actually think they used the term boudoir, which is weird, because that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

It was about how there seems to be a rising trend in ladies doing these shoots, whatever you want to call them—they involve hair, makeup, pretty underwear or even less coverage, and posing about as if you were a lingerie model, and not an accountant/lawyer/barista/editor/stay-at-home-mom.

But it’s not just that ladies are doing this that’s making it a thing, so much—it’s that they’re doing it in bunches of girlfriends in order to mark some sort of special occasion in their lives. Multiple ladies are going to these shoots, often to celebrate something that at least one of them is going through, be it a wedding or big birthday or life change (divorce, illness; general new beginnings).

I did a boudoir shoot last fall, that I might deliver a first-hand report to all of you, since it’s such a popular wedding gift for a bride to give her groom—and I will confirm that it is extremely fun to do it as a group. (And when I say as a group, I mean you all go together, and do your own individual shoots. There is an example in the piece below of all the friends being in a shot together. This is not what I mean.)

I can extra confirm it, because if you read my post, you’ll learn that after seeing my pictures, a few friends of mine decided they just had to try it out for themselves—and that actually did happen, and they all went together. (I went along to that one for moral support, and I have to say, hanging out on the couch in yoga pants eating a bagel and drinking champagne while the rest of them sucked in was also great fun.)

Anyway, here is the segment on the trend, and a reiteration of my two cents: You should do it with a bunch of girlfriends before your wedding. It’s so much fun.

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