Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: We Chose Our Wedding Rings!

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: We Chose Our Wedding Rings!

Kristy and Eric's rings!

I had my mind made up before we even started looking at wedding bands: a plain white gold band would accompany my engagement ring.

I’m a pretty simple lady; I love nice things, but am pretty mild when it comes to the bling factor. After Eric proposed to me and I had a chance to catch my breath and analyze the ring, I thought, “Man, that’s a lot of bling!” So, I was dead set on pairing it with a ring ranging very low on the bling scale … But, well, sometimes sparkly things can entice even the strongest of ladies.

First, a little back history on my engagement ring: I’m a woman of reduce, reuse, recycle—remember I’m the youngest of three girls, so it’s second nature to me. So, one morning a few days after Eric’s mom lost her battle to cancer, Eric’s dad and I sat at the kitchen island drinking coffee, and he asked me what I thought about using Eric’s mother’s engagement ring as mine? I was honored with this proposal and thought of how special and meaningful it would be.

So just a few months later, in a new setting and all polished up, the engagement ring was given to me and I proudly sport it every day. I love it and man, does it have some shimmer! So, I thought balancing it with a simple band would accompany it well, but boy was I wrong. When we walked into the B&B jeweler’s in Wayne, NJ (they originally updated the setting of my engagement ring), I told him what I was interested in as a wedding band and his response was simply, “No.”

He returned with a bunch of rings, including one a simple white gold band and said, “See? Try it on.” He was right. It looked terrible. He handed me a few more, and I kept telling him, “Nope, too much bling.” Then he grabbed one from a group that was similar in size, cut, and setting as my engagement ring and as I slipped it on, Eric and I looked at each other, like, “Yep that’s the one.” A little more ba-bam than I was expecting, but beautiful, nonetheless. Eric’s decision was fairly easy because he had decided on a Tungsten band; since he is constantly working on bikes and with tools, any other metal would immediately show scratches and wear and tear. There were several finishes and colors, and he settled on a brushed band with beveled edges, very classic and simple.

Once our bands were sized correctly, we went to try them on and it was as if nothing else could have made us realize that our wedding was quickly approaching. Now we only have a little bit of time to figure out what to engrave on them! So, lesson learned: I have a soft spot for diamonds—but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? I’m thinking Eric might think a little differently!

Did you use a family heirloom as a stone for your engagement or wedding ring? What did you engrave in your band?

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