Here Are What the Blooms in Your Bouquet Mean: A Flower Glossary (With Photos!)

Here Are What the Blooms in Your Bouquet Mean: A Flower Glossary (With Photos!)


Kind of like how our astrological signs supposedly say something about us, traditionally, all of the major flower blooms out there have carried a certain symbolic meaning with them, too.

Some brides like to pay attention to this when working with their florist on what blooms will go into their bridal bouquet. (Kate Middleton chose traditional nuptial blooms of stephanotis, lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth and ivy, for instance, because of their meanings—even if we still think this is what her bouquet should have looked like.) And if you’re looking to make sure there’s some sort of meaning behind most of your wedding-day choices, this is a really sweet way to do that.

Just how each sign’s personality traits tend to differ slightly depending on who you ask or what you read, so it goes with this. But it’s still fun! Take a look at this slideshow of some of the most popular wedding-day blooms and their meanings, and then chat with your florist about your faves for your Big Day. It’ll be just a little something extra tied to the memory of what you carried down the aisle on that day.

Have you looked into what certain flowers mean in trying to choose which ones will go into your bridal bouquet?

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