Trash It, Keep It, Wear It Again: What To Do With the Dress After the Wedding

Trash It, Keep It, Wear It Again: What To Do With the Dress After the Wedding


Well, we’ve told you about brides selling their wedding dresses to a once-worn local bridal shop after their weddings in order to make back some of their money. You’ve no doubt heard of trash-the-dress photo sessions. And we even recently filled you in on a local couple who started a photo project in which they travel all around the world, and he (a photographer and professor) snaps shots of her in her wedding dress in their various far-flung locales. And of course, there’s always saving it for your little girl.

These days, there are a ton of options concerning what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding is over, you’ve returned from the honeymoon, and your photo album is complete.

The question of just what to do, though, circulated recently among readers on Reddit, and HuffPo rounded up some of their responses. Some really great ideas in there! What are your plans for your dress after the wedding?

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