Deciding Whether to Have Kids at Your Wedding: The Good, the Bad & the Definitely Not Cute

Deciding Whether to Have Kids at Your Wedding: The Good, the Bad & the Definitely Not Cute


Are you having kids in your wedding? Are you having kids at your wedding? As many of you who are attempting to answer these two questions right now for yourselves undoubtedly have figured out, those are two very different answers.

You may opt to have a few children in your wedding party, and so, of course, those children will then be at your reception, too, if you and their parents so choose. But that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are inviting children, in general, to your whole shebang. Having your two darling nieces who are your world eating carrot sticks while sitting next to your sister at her table is much different than allowing all of your cousins to bring their five children each and having them take over the dance floor. Then again, if you’ve got a handful of tots in your life and you just can’t imagine your dance floor without them? The more the merrier, then, no matter the ages. Where to draw the line when it comes to munchkins at weddings is a decision every couple has got to make for themselves.

That’s why we really enjoyed this article from the Chicago Tribune today, as it makes good points, asks good questions, and doles out good advice when it comes to this topic. It covers, in smartly broken down pieces, the main things we always advise ourselves when it comes to having kids at your wedding: First, be really, really be true to yourself when it comes to how you’ll feel if a kid a) steals the show in a cute, spotlight-hogging way, or b) steals the show in a bratty, all-encompassing tantrum-throwing kind of way. And second, if you’re going to have them, prepare your party accordingly.

Are you having kids at your wedding? Why or why not did you decide to have them?

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