Would You Throw Two Separate Weddings to Make Everyone Happy?

Some couples just aren't into compromising what they want for their Big Day.

Would You Throw Two Separate Weddings to Make Everyone Happy?


I have heard of plenty of weddings that consisted of more than one celebration. You all have, too, I’m sure. The couple who gets married with 20 guests on a tropical island, and then has a 250-person reception in their hometown. The couple who gets married on the West Coast, and throws an East Coast cocktail party two weeks later. The couples who do a quick change once or twice on their wedding day in order to incorporate various traditions and customs from both of their ethnic backgrounds.

But what we’re talking about here is literally having two, separate, full-blown weddings—ceremonies, receptions, bridal parties and all. Whew, do you say? I certainly say whew.

According to the Wall Street Journal, though, this is becoming a thing among couples who don’t want to make concessions or compromises when it comes to the wedding they’ve envisioned for themselves. And whether because it’s something about the geography of their situation, religion, party size, or complicated family stuff, they’re just deciding that instead of doing this and that to make their one Big Day a day that pleases—or at least attempts to please—everyone, they’ll just go ahead and do it twice, and hope that that makes everybody happy in the end.

The article goes on to give a few examples of couples who have done this (as well as some really good etiquette advice for how to navigate these two-wedding waters), and while I actually do totally follow their reasoning—oof. Really sounds like a lot of work and logistics and money, to me. But I guess if that’s the executive decision the couple needs to make in order to actually have the least amount of stress when it comes to tying the knot in a way that makes them the happiest, then that’s what they should do.

What do you think? Whatever the things at play are in your situation—geography, religion, family—is throwing two separate weddings something you would consider? Or would you rather just find a way to make your one wedding a day that hopefully makes everybody happy? Or are you a bride who is doing this? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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