Would Your Dad Get Botox to Look Good at Your Wedding?

Here's one local FOB who did.

There are three sisters in Blackwood, NJ who are getting married within seven months of each other. (Yes, let’s all just take a moment of silence for their parents.)

And those three sisters—who, we assume, are themselves undergoing all the usual prolonged beauty processes of any given bride—recently decided that they were all in agreement on at least one common thing when it came to their weddings: Dad needs himself some Botox.

So they shipped their father, 56-year-old John Sharman, off to Dr. Steven Davis of Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Cherry Hill, that he might de-laugh line and -crow’s feet himself before their Big Days, and look at least somewhere near as fabulous as all of them in their various wedding photos.

According to ABC News, John is most definitely not a dude you’d expect to see flipping through an Us Weekly and waiting to get his wrinkles shot up in a plastic surgeon’s office—he’s a manly big rig driver, for crying out loud—but Dr. Davis says he’s actually seeing more and more of this type of guy coming to him.

Especially, we imagine, if their bride-to-be daughters are insisting on it.

Are any of your father’s using your upcoming nuptials as a reason to alter or improve their appearance in any way? Diet and exercise? Covering their gray? The whole Botox thing?


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