ROUNDUP: The 9 Best Cruises For Your Honeymoon

ROUNDUP: The 9 Best Cruises For Your Honeymoon

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I love looking at Travel + Leisure lists, and I hate looking at Travel + Leisure lists.

The reasons for both are probably pretty obvious: I love it because they’re really informative, pretty, and are super inspiring when it comes to ideas for trips, whether they’re in the actually possible, near-future variety or more of the bucket-list type. I hate it because at some point while clicking through them, I’ve got to snap out of it and realize that I’m sitting in my office and that it might be doing that cold, drizzling thing outside and that I don’t exactly have an exotic far-flung getaway coming up just now. But ah well—the like definitely outweighs the hate.

The list that just caught our attention is their roundup of the best new cruise ships, which we thought we’d share for those of you considering an awesome cruise for your honeymoon. They’ve got ones with destinations that range from the Caribbean to Europe and Asia, and with focuses that range from food (um, hello Oceania Riviera with your Bon Appétit Culinary Center) to adventure to spa-ing.

There’s definitely enough there to keep you and your honey researching for hours on end. Anyone planning on doing the cruise thing instead of the resort thing for your honeymoon? How did you make that decision?

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