Eddie Bruce Orchestra Now Represented by CTO Artists

Carmen Tomasetti of CTO now exclusively represents Eddie Bruce Orchestra with Eddie P1470411

Carmen Tomasetti of CTO, left, with Eddie Bruce at the party announcing their new relationship.

Eddie Bruce has been performing at weddings maybe forever.

Well, ok—since probably about the early 80s, but he’s so iconic in the biz, it might as well be forever. (He once told me that a bride of his literally announced to her parents that she was engaged by simply saying, “Time to call Eddie.” He had performed at her sisters’ weddings, and had become such a fixture with the family that that was all they had to hear. This sort of thing seems to happen a lot with him.)

In 2008, he left behind the entertainment group he had started in 2001, EBE Entertainment—yes, the company still exists under the same name—to go out on his own. Well, on his own, as in, with his super awesome orchestra, which can play at your wedding with seven to 15 people in it, including Eddie and the always fabulous Charlene Holloway.

CTO World Entertainment, headed by Carmen Tomasetti—who, it should be noted, was a fan and admirer of Eddie Bruce’s long before he had established CTO—is now the exclusive representative for Eddie Bruce and his aforementioned super awesome orchestra. (And yes, you have undoubtedly heard of CTO thanks to any one of their rockin’ bands, including Park Avenue and Tribeca.) So now, whether you want to look into any of CTO’s fab entertainers or check out what Eddie Bruce is all about, you can nicely and easily hit up the same place.

It’s a really cool coming together for these two well-loved and -known and -respected entertainers, and we’re excited to see what they do together next!

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