Celeb Wedding Roundup: Jennifer Aniston’s Ring, JWow’s Vegas Nuptials & Sam Champion’s Engagement

Celeb Wedding Roundup: Jennifer Aniston's Ring, JWow's Vegas Nuptials & Sam Champion's Engagement


Well, there have been quite a few celeb wedding items on our radar the last 24 hours or so, so we thought we’d round them all up right here for the purpose of organized discussion.

First of all, hang on: JWow is engaged? I know I haven’t been watching this last season of Jersey Shore, and I know that I’ve been crazy busy lately and haven’t been scanning my usual gossip sites during my last sips of morning coffee or lunchtime soup-and-salad, but how did I miss this? It either means that I really need to crawl out from under my rock, or our little Jersey Shore friends are not enjoying the same kind of media attention—obsession—that marked their previous seasons. Either way, JWow has announced that she would like her upcoming nuptials to take place in Vegas, and that she would like to fly, like, 500 people there to celebrate with her and Roger. (Somewhat unrelated notes: I always liked Roger, and thought he seemed like he was actually normal, compared to his beloved and her roomies, at least. And also: How on Earth did he get her a five-carat engagement ring? I know she claims to have been super surprised by his proposal, but it smacks of a little Britney-Spears-buying-her-own-ring, if you ask me.)

Speaking of large rings, Jennifer Aniston’s has been revealed! And I am … still trying to decide. My first feeling is that it’s pretty and simple and, while pretty gigantic, actually tasteful. I think that solitaires run less of a risk of being terrifying or gaudy in general; it’s like, they’re big, yes, but without a lot of hullaballoo calling too much attention to themselves. That said, I reserve the right to declare it too big if I see another picture of it in which it, well, looks too big.

And in other happy news, Good Morning America‘s Sam Champion became engaged to boyfriend Rubem Robierb over the weekend! This makes us here at PW so happy for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that we absolutely love and adore Sam Champion, and that it warms our hearts and brings us joy that he lives in a state in which it is actually legal for them to tie the knot. Congrats to them!

Thoughts on the above, BBers?

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