Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Asking My Bridesmaids

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Asking My Bridesmaids

The super impressive proposal box that Kristy made each of her friends when she asked them to be her bridesmaid.

Growing up in a household of females (besides my dad), I learned to appreciate the ladies in my life real quick. The ones that let you borrow that fabulous dress for a special occasion, tell you when you really shouldn’t be wearing that outfit, laugh on the good days, cry with you on the bad days, and will go dancing any night of the week, just because.

I have some great girlfriends, and they’ve seen me go through many stages of my life (I was an 80s baby, after all). So after our engagement, I had a chance to sit down and think about our upcoming marriage and I thought of my sisters. Yes, my immediate sisters (Stacey and Jenny), but also my inherited sisters—the ladies that I have grown to love, the ones that I would do just about anything for, knowing they would do the same. I immediately knew the sassy six that I would ask to stand by my side when I promise the love of my life a lifetime of happiness and commitment.

So when it was time to ask Colleen, Jenny, Jess, Lauren, Leanne, and Stacey to be my bridesmaids, I knew I had to do something special for them. I also know myself, who occasionally stumbles over words, writes things down multiple times to try and figure out how to properly state them, and constantly relies on spell check to correct my grammar. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to just tell them exactly how much they meant to me—I had to write it down and give them a keepsake of sorts.

I decided to make them proposal boxes. I found an example online and decided to customize it a bit. It allowed me to pour my heart out to them (in a fun-loving way), tell them how much they mean to me, explain how important they are in my life, and finally ask them to be my bridesmaid. Thankfully, they all said yes, through a few tears and then some laughs. I couldn’t be happier about their commitment to me; that they’ll help me prepare for my marriage, support me through the process, and always look towards the bright side of things.

So I encourage you to tell your bridesmaids you love them, make them cute proposal boxes—or just find something you’re good at and turn it into something they’ll remember forever. Just don’t forget they’re the ones throwing your shower, after all!

I love you girls—this one is for you …




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