New Trend: Brides Renting Their Wedding Gowns

Would you do it?

New Trend: Brides Renting Their Wedding Gowns


So this morning on Good Morning America, we saw a wedding segment highlighting something we actually had not heard of before: Brides renting their wedding dresses. And apparently, this is becoming quite the thing.

Brides making the effort to cut costs where they can cut costs is nothing new, of course—the average wedding today does cost $27K—and when it comes to the dress in particular, we recently wrote about brides selling their dresses after their weddings in order to try and recoup some of the costs, and we totally love stores like Sabrina Ann’s in Ardmore, where you can find gorgeous, current dresses that have basically only been worn for five hours at a fraction of what the girl who wore it for five hours paid. But renting?

The idea of it all offends our sentimentality, but the math is kinda hard to argue with. The segment featured the owner of a store in LA who rents wedding dresses—and a bride who scored a $12,000 Pucci gown for her walk down the aisle that she rented for $895.

They go on to show how you can basically rent nearly every tangible aspect of your wedding—including the cake, which we are definitely going to go ahead and draw the line at—but some of it, we have to say, sounds like a really smart move.

Watch the whole thing here, and then tell us, please, because we are dying to know: Anyone out there going to rent their dress? Would anyone out there rent their dress?


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