Best of Philly 2012’s Picks For Brides

Philadelphia magazine's 2012 Best of Philly issue is on stands now!

In case you didn’t know, brides, it’s Best of Philly season here in our offices, as the August issue of our mothership, Philadelphia magazine, is the annual Best of Philly issue!

It’s hit the stands, the party’s happened, and today, we are happy to tell you, all of the winners are browsable online. There are 346 winners spread out across four main categories, each of which we know (because, well, we reported them) contain businesses highlighted for their fabulousness that you would find helpful to you and your wedding. That includes restaurants, service, fun and games—and, of course, shopping and style.

You’ll want to browse yourself, just to make sure you don’t miss anything—but here are a few highlights we think you’ll find helpful from the style section:

Best of Philly 2012: Best Makeup Application She’s a huge fave with brides!

Best of Philly 2012: Best Airbrush Tan It’s seriously not just the best one we had this time around. It’s the best one ever.

Best of Philly 2012: Best Lingerie We love her stuff—and even more, we love that she’s from Philly.

Best of Philly 2012: Best Sex Shop Whether you get your ‘maids together for a little naughty soiree or shop on your own just before your ‘moon, this is one to take note of.

Best of Philly 2012: Best Workout We told you about this one before (hint: It involves sips of champagne between sets).

Best of Philly 2012: Best Women’s Gifts The perfect place to get something special for your ‘maids, your mom, or his. And, let’s be honest, yourself.

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