Get Into Bridal Shape With These High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts

These 20-minute bursts of intense exercise will whip that butt into gown shape.

Short ‘n’ sweat: With high-intensity interval training—no-rest workouts that tackle the entire body in 20 minutes—brides can get wedding-day-ready in no time. Here, Philly trainers offer three HIIT workouts that’ll whip you into shape before you strut down that aisle.




Trainer: Holly Waters, Philly’s Sweat Fitness.     Equipment: Free weights, mat.

Walk four minutes at a 15.0 incline with weights in hand. Run two minutes at 80 percent of your max speed at zero incline. Do 15 burpees: Jump with arms above the head, then drop to the floor in a plank. Do a push-up, draw legs back in, and stand up. Sprint two minutes at zero incline. Do weighted squats for one minute: Hold weights in hands with arms at sides, drop your seat until quads are parallel to the floor. Sprint two minutes at a 5.0 incline. Do jumping squats for one minute: same form as above, but add a jump when you stand up. Do 30 sit- ups. Walk four minutes at a 15.0 incline with weights in hands.


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Trainer: Nancy McKenna, Main Line.     Equipment: Just yourself.

Warm up for three minutes at a comfortable resistance and incline. Complete eight speed intervals: Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort and moderate incline, then reduce to a comfortable pace for 15 seconds. (That’s one interval.) Ride for two minutes at active rest—a comfortable pace and low resistance. Complete eight more speed intervals. Then cool down for three minutes at a comfortable resistance.


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Trainer: Liz Robinson, Philadelphia Sports Clubs and online at     EquiPmenT: iPod (with an awesome soundtrack).

Ride two minutes at easy resistance (around level 6 to 8 on your bike; pedal at 75 rpms). Increase resistance for three minutes (around level 10 to 12; pedal at 80 rpms). Following your music, increase pace by about 15 to 20 percent at each chorus. Climb uphill for six minutes (around level 15 to 17; increase resistance each minute or two). Keep resistance as high as possible—above 15— for four minutes. At every chorus, push your pace a little bit harder. Bike cool down: Catch your breath as you ride easy for two minutes.

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