Sell Your Wedding Gown, Make Back Your Cash

Sell Your Wedding Gown, Make Back Your Cash


There’s an article on HuffPo today discussing the advantages of selling your wedding gown after you’ve said your “I Do’s,” complete with some great tips for successfully doing that, should you decide to go that route.

Sabrina Sigler, owner of Sabrina Ann Once Worn & Never Worn Bridal in Ardmore, says that while she still thinks more brides are keeping their gowns than are selling them, agrees that the two main reasons girls sell their gowns after their weddings is that they would rather have some of the money back that they spent on the gown than the gown itself preserved in a closet somewhere—or, because, they figure, they loved the gown, and the idea of another bride loving as much as they did makes them happy. (She actually sees other brides who sell their gowns before their wedding, having been pressured into buying something they weren’t in love with either by their friends or family—but that’s a whole other story.)

What about you? Are you planning to or would you consider selling your dress after your wedding? What’s your reasoning?


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