Live Stream Your Guests And Webcast Your Wedding

Because that's a thing, now.

Did you see the finale of Happy Endings this season on ABC? Well, in case you didn’t, it was all about a wedding (oh, the show is basically about a group of 30-something friends—very a la Friends, just in Chicago instead of NYC) the gang attends. And at that wedding, the character Penny gets stuck at the “Skype table,” where she is in fact the only real human sitting there. (Skip to minute 10:00.) At every other seat is a laptop streaming in a “guest” who couldn’t actually make it to the wedding.


This is actually a thing!

More and more couples are starting to utilize the web as a way to make sure loved ones who couldn’t make the wedding are “there”—or, hey, to even expand their guest list. There are several companies that make this possible for a fee that often ranges from $200 to $1,500—or, here are five easy ways to live stream your wedding.

Have any of you ever attended a wedding where this was happening? Our Diary of a Marriage blogger Emily Goulet attended a Skype bridal shower just two weeks ago. Is it something you would consider for your own wedding?


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