8 Travel Tips For Your Honeymoon

8 Travel Tips For Your Honeymoon

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Though most couples are beyond excited for their honeymoon, the truth is, a lot of times planning it takes a backseat to planning the wedding: The bride and groom will agree on a locale and hotel, the bride will hastily wave away the groom to go book it along with the airfare while she gets back to choosing the perfect shade of hydrangea, and they figure they’ll just make up the rest as they go along when they get there a day or two after the wedding. Which, in some cases—especially if you are planning to just lay face down on the beach for two weeks—can actually work out.

But especially if you are going on a more hardcore traveling kind of honeymoon (Paris! Switzerland! Africa!), you really do need to actually sit down together and hammer some things out. And we don’t mean where you’ll dine on most nights and what day you’ll get your couples’ massage—stuff like finding out if your phones are going to work in Europe, what types of documents you’ll need to country hop, and whether or not your credit company is going to freak out when you start swiping your plastic at boutiques in Greece.

USA Today‘s Travel section had a great article today on just those sorts of things, and we felt like it was an excellent share for couples getting ready to head off on a far-flung honeymoon trip, which are especially popular in the warm-weather season. So read, and maybe even print it out, and then go get prepared: You’ve got honeymooning to do!

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