Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: To Veil Or Not To Veil?


What an exciting weekend I just had! I was finally able to try on my dress for the first time since the big purchase! I had a ton of anxiety before the appointment because I was afraid I wasn’t going to love the dress anymore (though I think that is a normal feeling, right?), and because I also ordered a smaller size than the one I tried on in the store, I was worried that the fit would be off. But all of that worrying was for nothing: The dress was even more beautiful than I remembered! Now, the question is whether or not I will chose to wear a veil.

For the longest time, I didn’t see myself wearing a veil because our wedding isn’t going to be all that traditional. I also always imagined something horrid happening with the veil. Something like getting my heel stuck and tripping down a flight of stairs as I ever so elegantly approach my future husband. Or, we end up having the windiest day in the history of wind and I end up looking like Falkor the Luckdragon in all of our pictures.

However, every time I talk with people about the whole veil issue, they all seem to say the same thing: “The veil is what makes you the bride.” It’s a good point. I guess there really are only a few times in your life as a woman that a veil can be worn without people thinking you are bonkers—but is it really necessary? Will it be something I will regret not doing? Anyone have any advice?



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