ASK THE EXPERT: Can Our Friends Be Our Videographers?

Our expert weighs in on asking your guests for favors.


Q: We’re not going to hire a videographer for our wedding because it’s not in the budget, and we don’t feel like we need a whole formal wedding video. We would love to ask a few of our friends, though, to each take a turn with our little Flip cam throughout the day—but is that too much to ask? Or is it okay as long as no one has it for too long?

A: According to Lynda Barness of Philadelphia’s I DO Wedding Consulting, you definitely shouldn’t worry about imposing on your friends: “I would certainly assume they would be more than willing to help out!” She does suggest, though, that you designate one friend the coordinator of the camera, to make sure you’ll have good shots and that there’s enough battery power and disc space to last the whole wedding. Most importantly, “They’d be the one responsible for retrieving the camera and putting it in a secure place when the video is finished.”


This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Philadelphia Wedding.

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