Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: We Registered! (Online.)

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As tempting as it was to rip through stores with registry guns in hand, Chris and I ended up taking the easy way out and registering for gifts at home online. I like to read reviews and comparison shop, and this just seemed like the easiest and most efficient way to do both. Plus, neither of us (particularly Chris) really likes to shop, so this just seemed like a pretty painless way to cross another thing off our wedding to-do list.

We wanted to register at places that had things we both liked and needed as well as places that offered a variable price range of items. After much debate, we ended up registering at Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn has some pretty great home stuff, and I can generally find something I like on every page of their catalog. We registered for necessities like sheets and towels and pretty home things such as a silver serving tray and distressed wood frames. Amazon was perfect for finding stuff we’d like from different manufacturers and stores all on one website. We have a nice drill and toolbox listed along with cookware and—a true kitchen essential—a Margaritaville Machine! So excited about that last pick.

All in all, registering online was a nice and easy process. How did you decide where to register? Was anything on your list a must-have?


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