Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: It’s the Little Things

Kathleen's successful DIY centerpiece vessel!

Can it just be June 29th already? Seriously, the wait has gone on for long enough. If it’s not going to snow and be all winter-like, we should just skip the next five months and get on with the wedding I am so desperately trying not to freak out about.

The little things are really starting to pile up now and I am just waiting for the moment where Christian finds me hiding in our crawlspace under the stairs, with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s, bawling my eyes out about how I’ve burned all of my fingers off trying to create the magical yarn bottle centerpieces I saw on Pinterest. (OK, Pinterest, you win. I am addicted and can’t stop pinning. Side note: If you don’t know what Pinterest is, get on it!)

Since I have discovered Pinterest, I have changed my mind about wedding décor about one million times. That number isn’t an extreme exaggeration, either. There are so many talented people out there with so many brilliant ideas, it is almost impossible to narrow choices down. However, I came across this idea to use old wine bottles, cover them in yarn and voila: flower vase!

My thought is that they can be used as vases for our centerpieces—but before I jumped the gun on this important decision, I decided to make a few testers first. I did three different sized bottles, and feel like they are great contenders for our centerpieces. The only issue is that they take FOR-EV-ER. So, I will probably just have to ask my lovely bridesmaids to come over for a fun-filled afternoon of crafting, which I am sure they will be psyched about.

Pictured above is just one of the bottles. I used different types of yarn on all of the bottles I made, but this one came out the best. My thought is to use a gray shade of yarn, which will go awesome with our yellow flowers.

Do you ever feel bogged down by the little things that go into planning a wedding? Anyone else love Pinterest—or have any other sites they get tons of inspiration from?



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