Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Let the New Years/Wedding Day Weight Loss Begin!


This Saturday will mark exactly six months until our wedding. I’ve been thinking about this impending milestone as well as the New Year for a few months now. Because these dates are both significant (the calendar says so) and so close together, I figured this was a great time to start getting serious about getting into wedding-day shape. With both the New Year and the six-month countdown, motivation should just appear, right? So far (it’s day three; New Years Day does not count), so good. We will see what the next six months bring.

During this first week of the year, there are plenty of diet and work out tips, success stories and motivational incentives to absorb. Although I like hearing about the new trends and “secrets,” I am a big believer in recognizing what works and sticking to it. Remember way back when I first got engaged and told you how much I love to-do lists? I said that lists keep me sane day-to-day, so I saw no reason to stop the practice for wedding planning. It’s the same for getting into kick-butt wedding-shape: some good old fashioned working out more and eating and drinking less should do the trick. I also have a little posse of family members with the same goals that will provide me with the motivation and support needed. So this should be a piece of cake.

See how casual I made that sound? I feel like a celebrity who claims they lost the baby weight by “running around” after their infant child—who they apparently don’t realize can’t walk yet. If you’ve read my other posts, I think you can assume that there are goals, plans and lists associated with that more/less scheme I mentioned above. And that “posse of family members” who got my “Weekly Goals and Challenges” email knows exactly what I mean.

That being said, getting in wedding-day shape isn’t all about toning up. I also have some other goals that will help me look my best on the Big Day. For starters, I should probably stop burning my forearm with the metal pot every time I make soup. The irregular scar that has formed will not look cute in pictures. I could also refrain from wearing heels that I can’t walk in so that I stop skinning my knees. This is usually a summer problem, so I have time to prepare (read: buy new shoes). I could also make more of an effort to stop singeing my hair, and occasionally my ear, with my hair straightener. Again, not cute.

So as a recap, the plan is to (1) stop injuring myself, and (2) start sticking to (for the most part) a regular workout and healthy eating plan. Who’s with me? Got any tips?


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