Will You Use Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year In Your Wedding?

Hi brides,

Happy New Year! We hope you’re as pumped about 2012 as we are—though since we’re guessing a lot of you will be tying the knot this year, that you most definitely are.

Not too long ago, Pantone, the Official End-All, Be-All of All Colors Everywhere, declared the 2012 Color of the Year to be … Tangerine Tango! And looking through what’s coming up as far as fashion is concerned in the spring of 2012, they certainly hit the nail on the head—and we love it. It’s got a vibrancy and energy, and who doesn’t like a little pop?

But we were wondering: Do you, our brides, like it? Like, not just for the first sundress you’ll buy of the season—but for any parts of your wedding decor? From your flowers or bridesmaid dresses to invitations and table linens, there are so many possibilities for working this shade into your scheme—especially if your Big Day falls in the spring or summer. We can’t help but even picture real tangerines filling glass vases of different heights for a summery tablescape—but that’s just us. We bet you—and your fabulous vendors—have got oodles of ideas already.

So weigh in! We want to know if you’re so not impressed by this color that you won’t even have it in your closet, let alone your wedding—or if you’re so taken with it, you’ll be trotting into your next vendor meeting with this swatch. Tell us your thoughts below!

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