Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: Engagement Pics!

Chris and I scheduled our engagement pictures with Hoffer Photography months in advance to ensure we’d get a date where we’d have some nice fall foliage as our background. However, given that our recent Mid-Atlantic weather patterns have been less than predictable (um, I went out today in just a sweatshirt … in December), and our schedules are pretty inflexible, we knew that we’d just have to go for it—rain or shine—on the arbitrary late October date we picked back in June. Well, while we did get some great foliage, we also got a day with a consistently rainy forecast. Luckily, though, the Hoffers are gung ho for anything and weren’t at all phased.

We debated changing the location, but after a vast last-minute internet search looking for indoor engagement picture ideas, I was feeling uninspired. We decided to proceed with our original plan of doing the pics outside at Winterthur. We set out early to hit up Target for some bright and fancy new umbrellas. In retrospect, we should have kept the tags on them as we ended up not using them but, hey, everybody needs a few extra umbrellas hanging around, right? After our shopping trip and a quick pep talk with Chris about not letting the weather get us down, we were ready for our big photo shoot.

The Hoffers were amazing and knew just how to get us to relax and enjoy ourselves. It felt like we were all just hanging out wandering around the Winterthur gardens getting our pictures taken in the process. Chris and I didn’t really have any preselected spots to pose at, so we just stopped walking whenever anybody saw something that would make a nice photo. At times, our athletic ability was tested (there is a seriously hilarious picture of Chris trying to carry me), but the pictures were totally worth it. They’re gorgeous and look so artistic—we couldn’t be any happier with the results.

As for the weather? We got very lucky and the rain let up for the exact few hours we were outside. Literally, as soon as we were back in our cars the rain started really pouring down. Hope we have that kind of luck (or better) for our Big Day!

Did you do engagement pictures? How did you plan for weather? Do you think having done a photo session already, you’ll be more ready to be photographed all day long on your wedding?


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