6 Totally Gorgeous, Totally Customizable Headpieces

Nothing worn by any British princess has got anything on the creations of local designer Beth Beverly.

A taxidermy bridal headpiece doesn't seem so weird now, does it? Scroll below for more styles. All photos in this post by James Coughlin, courtesy of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy.

Every bride pictures the Big Day in her head before it arrives: The guests all perfectly seated, the cake impeccably iced. And of course, there’s the Dress: Every bit of lace, tulle and ribbon is in place, your look absolute perfection from the tip of those freshly pedicured toes, all the way up to the cascade of curls, topped with a feathered, custom-designed piece of taxidermy.

Did we lose you with the taxidermy? Well, prepare yourselves to want to ditch that boring veil, and go for some quail feathers—trust us—once you see local designer Beth Beverly’s fabulously creative Diamond Tooth Taxidermy bridal headpieces.

As an undergrad studying jewelry design at Philly’s Tyler School of Art, Beverly found herself integrating bones, fur and synthetic hair into her work—not quite what you’d find in a little blue Tiffany’s box. However, it wasn’t until later on that Beverly first became interested in the art of full-on taxidermy, when she became awestruck with the beauty in the feathers of dead birds.

So how exactly does one go from dead bird feathers to gorgeous bridal headpieces?

“I’ve always had a fascination with adorning the head,” Beverly says. “I like the ritual that goes along with ceremonies, like weddings, and the idea that you may only wear this piece once.”

To test out her new creative, yet admittedly eccentric, endeavor, Beverly herself began to sport her creations where they might be publicly received, such as suburban equestrian events where outrageous hats are not only accepted, but practically required. (“I was careful not to wear a whole bird on my head while walking through Center City,” Beverly jokes.) And as more people saw—and loved—them, she began to get orders.

While you still might not see a bird hat too often in Center City, you can now find them atop the heads of some of Philly’s most daring brides, thanks to Beverly’s made-to-order bridal accessory service. Working closely with her clients, Beverly begins consulting with brides four to six months in advance to ensure that the style and color of the custom piece perfectly compliment the dress and overall theme of the wedding. To make the most unique designs, Beverly sources her materials, such as her hat bases and veils, from vintage collections, as well as the local Italian market—for the most fresh, high-quality fur and feathers.

Working with such uncommon materials, Beverly has seen and done it all.“I’ve made everything from a very simple white feathered and jeweled piece, to basically placing an entire rabbit on the bride’s head. It just all depends on the bride.” Beverly says.

And whether you choose to go with one of her ready-to-wear options, or work with Beverly to design a custom-made piece, she points out that all the brides who come to her have something in common: “She’s any bride who can’t stand mediocrity and doesn’t want to look like anyone else. She wants to stand out—on her wedding day, and every other day.” Check out a few of our favorite headpieces below. —Lauren McCarthy

Prices range from $200-$2,000. For custom orders, contact Beth Beverly at beth@diamondtoothtaxidermy.com. Diamond Tooth Taxidermy will also be featured at the Art Star Craft Bazaar at The 23rd Street Armory (22 South 23rd Street) on Nov. 18, 19 and 20.


Winged Crinoline Fascinator, $180, made of wing, millinery-grade crinoline and vintage jewelry. Available in various colors, and can be fastened as either a headband or hair comb.

Blue Puff Quail Fascinator, $310, made of feathers, fabric, and jewels. It’s got a vintage base, and features blue ostrich feathers and antique French veiling along with a jeweled quail head.

Spiky Winged Fascinator, $340, built on a vintage fascinator base with antique French veiling, a spiny feathered wing and bead embellishments mounted on top.

Green Bow Winged Fascinator, $310, built on a vintage fascinator base with antique green French veiling, a jeweled wing and feather embellishments.

Blue Ace and Winged Fascinator, $340, made of an antique blue veil, with a pair of wings and other feather and pearl embellishments.

Winged Black Veil Fascinator, $310, made with a black antique veil, antique fabric rose dyed black, a feathered wing, feather embellishments and a velvet ribbon detail on the back.

Jeweled Wing Fascinator, $180, made out of a mallard wing and vintage jewelry. This can be made in a variety of colors, and can be fastened as either a headband or a hair comb.

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