From Our Sponsor: Here’s to a Great Idea — More Bubbly!

The Champagne toast is a thrilling moment of the wedding reception. Servers bustle about, pouring a splash of sparkling wine for each guest. The best man rises to say a few words. Glasses are raised, a sip is tossed back – yum! – and then it’s done.

But what if you really love sparkling wine? The experts at PA Wine & Spirits Stores can show you why there’s no need to limit yourself to a toast – you can serve sparkling wine through every part of your wedding celebration. The right sparklers can be served with almost anything you want to eat, come in styles appropriate for brunch, dinner or dessert and can cost as little, or as much, as you like. Come on, party people – there are plenty of great reasons to keep the bubbly flowing.

Brunch. Don’t wait for nightfall to pop the cork. If you’re planning a morning reception, or perhaps brunch the morning after the wedding, many sparkling wines fit the bill. The crisp, bright taste of any dry sparkler is a perfect complement to rich egg dishes like creamy quiche or cheese-filled frittata. True Champagne, made in France’s Champagne region, is a classic companion to shellfish and fish courses. Inexpensive Spanish cavas or Italian proseccos will provide that festive feeling for less.

Throughout dinner. If you’re a true fan of sparkling wines, you’re already convinced they go with everything! Ask a PA Wine & Spirits expert for a delicate wine to serve with seafood, or a more full-bodied vintage to pair with veal or poultry. Look for French Champagne houses that have established vineyards in California, providing elegant Champagne-style wines to complement traditional cuisine at a fraction of the cost of the French versions.

Dessert. Nothing adds to the delight of wedding cake like sparkling dessert wine. Pick a style that’s slightly sweet: If you choose French bubbly, find sec or demi-sec that indicates sweetness (those marked brut are dry, best with savory foods); Italian Asti and other sparkling moscatos are sweet companions to all types of cake, pastry and fruit-filled dessert.

Because you love pink. Many delicious sparkling wines are rosés, adding flavor and a burst of lovely color to your table. These too come in domestic and imported versions, dry – wonderful to serve as an aperitif or with a lamb entrée – or sweet – a picturesque pairing with dessert.

Gifts. Don’t forget everyone else who loves bubbly! Special bottles are terrific gifts that say “thank you” to members of your wedding party, your officiant, or a treasured guest who’s come a long way.

Need more info on sparkling wine? Chat with the wine specialist at a PA Wine & Spirits Premium Collection store, or browse the educational pages of You’ll find budget and splurge-worthy selections, plus more ideas for how to serve them. Share the sparkling wines you love throughout your wedding celebration. Your guests just may raise their glasses to toast your good taste.

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