Ask the Expert: 3 Stumpers

How to deal with drunken brothers-in-law, tatted-up bridesmaids, and limited room on your guest list.

Not surprisingly, people come to us, rather frequently, with their wedding dilemmas. Sometimes they’re local and topical (Who’s your favorite florist? What’s a good venue in the city with lots of windows that’s not a ballroom?); sometimes they’re general (What should I do for a favor? Is it worth it to get a photography package with two shooters?); and a lot of times, they have to do people. People — as in, family, friends, vendors, guests, and the sticky situations that can arise, seemingly constantly, sometimes, concerning them.

We do the best we can answering, of course — but every now and then, we like to take some good ones to our fabulous friends in the Philly wedding industry, and see what they have to say. So for our spring/summer 2011 issue of Philadelphia Wedding (on stands now!), we called up a few of these very helpful folks, and got their opinions on, in no particular order, drunken brothers-in-law running amuck at a reception; bridesmaids with tattoos in rather visible (and in some brides’ opinions, portrait-ruining) places; and what to do when you can’t invite everyone to the wedding, but want to celebrate your nuptial news with them, anyway.

Click here for their thoughtful answers — and as always, if you’ve got any stumpers, send ’em this way! Leave them in the comments or email me at

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