Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Second Fitting — Exhale (But Just a Little)

After my first dress fitting when the gown was made too small, I was feeling a little uneasy about the second fitting. I knew that the head seamstress was going to “fix” the muslin to fit my measurements, but I was unsure how she was going to do that, and what it would look like. I went back to Priscilla of Boston for my second fitting yesterday, and was very anxious about putting the dress on.

Turns out the original was altered by sewing in panels into each seam. I was skeptical, but slipped the dress over my head and gave it a shot.

Good news: It zipped!

Bad news: It is still a little tight. Hmm, I think maybe I overdid all the conference food while traveling to meetings and events this fall….

More good news: Luckily, we are still talking about the pattern for my final dress, so they are going to make it an inch larger around the hips. Then if I lose five pounds, it can be taken in, but at least I’ll have a dress that fits me at the size I am now. And, even with it pulling a bit at the hip, I really, really loved it!

So I guess that I finally have some incentive to hit the gym hardcore. I’m almost at the six-month mark, and the dress will be ready in about three months, so I need to set some (realistic) goals and make a commitment. Tim is going to try to help motivate me too, but really, the dress is probably enough!

Are you on a fitness regimen to lose a few pounds or tone up for your Big Day? What exercises are helping the most? Any words of advice for other brides (including me!)?

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