Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Beginning the Registry Process

In an effort to get the ball rolling in terms of wedding planning, Anthony and I decided to start thinking about the fun part. I feel a little guilty selecting items and daydreaming about — of all things — new cookie sheets, but can’t deny the excitement that surrounds the new.

Since we got engage more than 4 months ago already, Anthony and I have joked frequently about the registry process. When we hear the old cookie sheet warp in the oven, we look at each other and laugh before one of us says, “We’ll register for a new one.” We bought our house a year ago and the previous owners (who were two of the nicest people from whom you could ever hope to purchase a house) left behind two kitchen floor mats and a lace shower curtain. These, too, will be replaced undoubtedly through this process.

So on Monday night, on our last day of a long weekend, we went to Macy’s, JC Penney and Bed, Bath and Beyond. We’ve decided that most items — including the china pattern we like — can be purchased at BBB, so that is likely where most of our items will come from. We’re also searching out a new bed set, and since at the moment, there are a few frontrunners at Macy’s, that will likely be the second choice. And just in what we’ve done so far, I’ve discovered some of the perks (as if getting gifts needed any additional perks) to registering at certain places. Here’s some of what I’ve found:

  • Macy’s offers a five percent bonus on anything purchased off your registry. They send you a gift card after the wedding.
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond offers different freebies when you register for a certain amount of product from a certain brand. Also, I learned that guests can use coupons on literally everything in the store — even the fine china.

As we look into other retailers, I will let you know what I find. What perks have you found at the places where you’re registered? What’s the most off-the-beaten path item on your registry? What’s something unique you’ve seen on another registry?

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