rochelle bilal sheriff's office sheriff

In a Major Upset, Philly Nominates a Woman for Sheriff for the First Time

Rochelle Bilal handily beat embattled incumbent Jewell Williams on Tuesday. Here’s why her win is a #MeToo victory.


Kenney Easily Wins Democratic Nomination for Second Term

voting registration

The No-B.S. Guide to the 2019 Primary Election

philadelphia primary election problems

Here Are the Philly Primary Election Problems You Should Most Definitely Report

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How cheap real estate, creative minds and a scrappy attitude are turning Philadelphia into a happening art town

The Philly School

Ralph J. Roberts: My Philadelphia Story

I have about 92 bow ties. Maybe 10 years ago, somebody gave me one. It looked kind of interesting, so I got another one. So […]

Joe Trippi almost turned an obscure governor from Vermont into America’s president. But his next trick may be even tougher: turning insurance salesman Tom Knox into Philly’s mayor

ood help may be hard to find, but when you’re as rich as Tom Knox, you can afford the best. When the 64-year-old UnitedHealthcare CEO […]

Your husband waxes on about his crush on Pillow Lips, and you’re so cool, you play along. Are you nuts?

It was early summer, before the event that shook the country to its core — and by that I of course mean before Brad Pitt […]

Exit Interview: Andrea Mitchell

We tried. We honestly tried to uphold a more intellectually refined discourse in honor of NBC News correspondent and former KYW reporter Andrea Mitchell, whose […]

A Catholic Church that’s only as sleazy as Enron would be an improvement

’ve been reading this motivational business book, Jesus, CEO, and even though it’s not much as literature, I think I’ll highlight some passages and send […]

Can Temple Find Its Way?

Can Temple Find Its Way?

Even as its national profile grows, the city’s largest university finds itself stumbling from one leadership crisis to the next.

Marple Township’s Jordan Berkowitz drives an $85,000 BMW, wears a Tag Heuer wristwatch, and is one of the most successful online poker players in the world. Not bad for a kid who still lives with his mom

Jordan Berkowitz is fond of diamonds. Two pavé diamond studs hang from his ears. Twelve diamonds mark the hours on the bezel of his TAG […]

To find our favorite cookie, we asked more than 350 pastry chefs and bakers to send us samples of their favorites. We were in search of an impressive but easy recipe, one we would make at home. We tasted dozens and dozens of cookies before proclaiming a winner: the Ritz-Carlton’s flawless cranberry wreaths. We couldn’t get enough of executive pastry chef Tomas Ruiz’s chewy blend of vanilla and brown sugar, mixed with white chocolate chunks and just a hint of dried cranberry.

To find our favorite cookie, we asked more than 350 pastry chefs and bakers to send us samples of their favorites. We were in search […]

Where to go for all your cupcakes, cookies, croissants and — why not? — one more cupcake

A hazelnut gâteau, Chantilly cream puffs — or even straightforward from-scratch brownies — can intimidate the most accomplished home cook. But the region’s ever-expanding assortment […]

Sweet City: Classic Confections. Local pastry chefs are trying something new — updating the old standards.

Doughnuts   These heartier versions of hole-less doughnuts get their sweetness from butterscotch sauce and creamy gelato. “I added cold ice cream to warm doughnuts, because […]

In the past two years, the Inquirer has published nearly 300 pieces about State Senator Vince Fumo. Is it aggressive reporting—or a vendetta?

ON A MUGGY Friday morning in July, the shareholders of First Penn Bank opened one of the weirder annual meetings in the company’s 82-year history. […]

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Influential Philadelphians

Influential Philadelphians

Everything you need to know about the spectacular rise and stunning fall of Terrell Owens can be found in a single place: the Alabama town where he was born

Sure, a lot of people hate Terrell Owens. They say he’s full of himself, self-aggrandized, strutting around the football field like he’s walking on water. […]

It just might be us. Philadelphia. What, exactly, is going on?

The first sign that something big was changing — that the car had finally stopped skidding and we all, blessedly, remarkably, were still in one […]

In her forthcoming memoir, former WYSP deejay Anita Gevinson, the self-described “sex kitten of the airways,” remembers the high times and blurry Philly nights she shared in the early 1980s with the late rocker Warren Zevon

I won’t pretend any of the bad things that are about to happen came as a complete surprise. I knew the difference between the public […]

Get ready for a night on the town with Joey and John — young, loaded, ready to party, and changing the face of Atlantic City. (Just remember: What happens in A.C. stays in A.C., all right?)

He steps out of the cab and into the neon haze of Atlantic City, and his eye contact with the valet quickly leads to one […]

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