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CAPA principal Joanne Beaver poses with Boyz II Men in 2017 (photo via School District of Philadelphia)

CAPA Parents and Students Want to Know What Happened to Their Principal

Neither the principal nor the school district will explain her absence.


The Horny World of Adult Recreational Sports Leagues


Apartment Construction Is Booming. How Will That Change Philly?


New Committee of Seventy CEO Lauren Cristella on Her Historic Appointment and Takeaways from the Primary

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Real Estate 2005: Will The Bubble Burst?

Want the good news first? Prices still up! Rates still low! In fact, the average house-price in the Philadelphia area in 2004 increased by a […]

Travel: One-Night Stands

Upper Black Eddy 1:38 Head to the top of lovely Bridgeton House, where the Penthouse room has a lofty, romantically lit feeling, a marble bathroom, […]

New procedures may make spinal surgery a thing of the past

Backs of the Future

Why go to the supermarket when it will come to you?


The views at the Water Works Restaurant are so fabulous, it’s tough for the kitchen to compete

Water Works- in-Progress

Pulse: 60-Second Critic: Venues: Johnny Brenda’s

Venues: Johnny Brenda's

Best of Philly 2022: City Life

Best of Philly 2022: City Life

A gaming whiz kid, good sports, and how Questlove always keeps his cool.

Post-COVID, Does Center City Have a Future?

Post-COVID, Does Center City Have a Future?

Back in the day, Philly, like a lot of cities, banked on a revival of its downtown to spark new life. The plan worked fine — for Center City. But now that the pandemic has emptied offices, boomer residents are aging, and millennials are opting for the ’burbs, where do we go from here?

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How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

The former municipal golf course at FDR Park became an indispensable natural refuge for many locked-down South Philadelphians over the past year.

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

Fifty years after founding their legendary Philadelphia International Records, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, with friends and collaborators from Thom Bell to John Oates to Patti LaBelle, look back on the musical partnership that came to define the city.

Can Stephen Starr set the cocktail standard in the new A.C.?

Looking for the Next Buzz Aldrin

Philadelphia, Meet Your Future: Philebrity.com’s Greatest Hits

On House of Blues getting $1 million to open a location in Philadelphia, headlined: "House of Blues Hammer Suckles Rendell’s Hairy Bitch Tit For $1 […]


Ungodly Sick

Marie Noe pleads, but the story still isn’t over.


“Don’t Tell My Husband”

The shocking next chapter of the Philadelphia magazine investigation that reopened the 30-year-old case of Marie Noe’s dead babies and led her to be charged with eight counts of murder.

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