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Why Do We Even Have a Sheriff’s Office in the First Place?

After promising to eliminate scandals only to find herself embroiled in them, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal should resign — and the entire office should be eliminated.


Inside Jim Kenney’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year


Philly Just Surpassed 500 Homicides. Can We Admit Gun Buyback Programs Aren’t Helping?


COVID Turned the Philanthropy World Upside Down

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Some call themselves golf clubs, some cricket clubs, some racket or yacht or tennis clubs. But whatever their physical facilities, all are first and foremost social clubs, litmus tests of class acceptance, gathering grounds for like-minded souls, sanctuaries for “people like us” to take refuge from the Big Bad Other. Wherever you might be seated at the Palm, however many square feet your McMansion has, membership in Philadelphia’s clubs remains the ultimate golden ticket. Herewith, a guide to the ones that matter.*

The Racquet Club215 South 16th Street; 215-735-1525 The Racquet Club has always been a younger, swaggering sibling among the city’s clubs. Life here is centered […]

The Mayor’s legacy is shaping up to be a hailstorm of scandal, a soaring deficit, and a rude­ reputation. So why on earth is he so happy?

As his first public act of 2005, Mayor John F. Street decided to go to prison. Since he was inaugurated in 2000, Street has spent […]

I want my kids to grow up brave, courageous and bold. And their role model for that would be …

A few weeks back, my husband went to get his photo taken for his driver’s license renewal. He came home with a booklet: Pennsylvania Driver’s […]

Zack Stalberg can’t clean up City Hall until he cleans out the Committee of Seventy

Late February offered a single bright moment during what was an otherwise embarrassing week for the city. While TV news played wiretaps of the Mayor’s […]

Exit Interview: Peter Boyle

Exit Interview: Do you still have family here? Peter Boyle: I have friends there, but I’ve lived in New York since 1960. EI: I understand […]

Desperate customers calling at 4 a.m.? Hundred-thousand-dollar fur sprees? Chanel jewel-encrusted sandals and $2,700 Gucci handbags? At Neiman Marcus, King of Prussia’s monument to luxury, the top salespeople earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year — and they work for it

Linda Chodorow is frowning at an $880 Yves St. Laurent camel-and-red silk top, which in size 38 is not sitting exactly the way it should […]

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

After a long, unprecedented year, Philadelphia is still standing. We asked these powerful voices to reflect on how their favorite places in the city evolved and endured.

Jill Biden Is Exactly What Washington, D.C., Needs: A Philly Girl

Jill Biden Is Exactly What Washington, D.C., Needs: A Philly Girl

The First Lady’s no-nonsense, relatable strength — born in New Jersey and forged in Willow Grove — is key to who she is and why she endures.

Marisa Weiss, founder of, is spreading the word: Doctors need to rediscover their “sacred bond” with patients

As is often the case, but rarely with doctors, you know things are about to get interesting when Marisa Weiss, M.D., takes off her pants. […]

Arby's! NASCAR! South Jersey! It's a white-trash bonanza this month as we chat with anchorman Brian Williams, who covered the Garden State for WCAU-TV (Channel 10) in the '80s before going network and succeeding Tom Brokaw in the NBC Nightl

Exit Interview: What are your memories from the WCAU days? Brian Williams: Any visit to Jim’s Steaks or Tacconelli’s or DiNardo’s. I covered Jersey. I […]

My Philadelphia Story: Ramona Africa

My friends call me Mona. I was a Temple political science major, intending to go to law school, when I met John Africa, the founder […]

Features: Training Sam

Now this is parenting: I am driving Sam, my 15-year-old son, to his regular workout at Summit Sports Training Center in Bryn Mawr, one raw […]

Features: The Secret Life of Your Teen

She was walking across the sand, marching over the dunes of Avalon last summer, when she saw him. Them. Er, it. It involved Ethan, her […]

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How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

The former municipal golf course at FDR Park became an indispensable natural refuge for many locked-down South Philadelphians over the past year.

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

Fifty years after founding their legendary Philadelphia International Records, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, with friends and collaborators from Thom Bell to John Oates to Patti LaBelle, look back on the musical partnership that came to define the city.

Fashion: Boyds Meets Girl

This month, “Boyds, The Men’s Store,” as the luxury gentlemen’s clothier on Chestnut Street has come to be known, will fade from memory like an […]

Is Bigger Really Better?

It’s the heated white onyx tiles that really get me. I’m only halfway through a February afternoon tour of 530 Fishers Road in Bryn Mawr, […]

How to Live Small

When Michael Green and Pete Palac were looking for an architect to renovate their 80-year-old brick bungalow in Frenchtown, just north of Lambertville, they had […]

Size matters: How to Live Large

When you walk into Georgeann and Roger Ballou’s vast ­circa-1810 Society Hill townhouse — some 7,500 square feet, with ceilings scaled for Shaquille O’Neal, and […]

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