Josh Kruger’s Killer Sentenced

Will the city now release texts and other evidence from the case?

Josh Kruger and his killer, Robert Davis

Left: Josh Kruger (via Facebook) | Right: His killer, Robert Davis (via Philadelphia Police Department)

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Josh Kruger’s Killer Robert Davis Sentenced

Robert Davis is set to spend the next 15 to 30 years of his life in prison for the murder of Josh Kruger, a well known Philadelphia activist, journalist, and social media pontificator. Davis learned his fate in a Philadelphia courtroom on Monday after pleading guilty to third-degree murder, among other offenses.

The sentencing was part of a plea deal with the office of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who issued a statement right after the death of Kruger, praising him for his work in the community. But things quickly took a turn when it became clear that this wasn’t a random act of violence. Police said that texts between Kruger, who was 39 at the time of his death, and Davis, who was 19, indicated that the two had a personal relationship. And Davis’ family later accused Kruger of sexually abusing Davis and providing him with drugs, going back to when Davis was just 15 years old. Police did find methamphetamines in Kruger’s bedroom, and Kruger’s brother told me that he found drug paraphernalia in Kruger’s home after the killing.

Last week, Davis’s mother spoke out publicly, demanding that the city release the texts between Kruger and her son. Typically, investigators and prosecutors don’t release such information while a case is open. But now that sentencing is over? I asked the Philadelphia Police Department and Krasner’s office to provide me with the texts and any other relevant case files that might pertain to the nature of Kruger’s relationship with Davis. Both said they would get back to me. I’ll keep you posted.

Ori Feibush Closing All OCF Coffee House Locations

Controversial South Philadelphia real estate developer Ori Feibush, who once ran for City Council, is closing his three OCF Coffee House locations. Why is that a big deal? Coffeehouses, bars, and restaurants close all the time, right? The difference here is that Feibush announced his decision just days after his staff at the cafes decided to unionize.

By the Numbers

$3 million: What Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro wants to spend to provide public school students with free tampons and pads. Naturally, some of Pennsylvania’s more hardline Republican legislators are uncomfortable with this idea, and likely still use language like “the curse” and “the visitor.”

40: Approximate number of former Wanamaker’s employees who say they never got the pensions they were promised. And if you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “What the heck is a Wanamaker?” well, this is how we know you’re not from here.

94: Projected high in Philadelphia for next Tuesday. But humidity is expected to be low. So you’ll have to save your “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” quip for another time.

Local Talent

If you’re ready for some trippy theater, you need to get over to the Wilma to see the world premiere of Hilma, directed by Philly talent Morgan Green, who directed the original digital production Fat Ham for the Wilma (the production that scored South Philly playwright James Ijames the Pulitzer), and featuring a bunch of Philly actors. It’s a wild show you won’t soon forget. And it’s also just so fun to say: “I just saw Hilma at the Wilma.” If trippy theater isn’t your cup of tea, have no fear: We have plenty of other ideas for what you should do this week.