Larry Krasner May Walk Back Some Philadelphia Looting Charges

Plus, the local mom who just won the Philly Badass of the Year Award.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who may walk back some of the charges stemming from the Philadelphia looting arrests

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who may walk back some of the charges stemming from the Philadelphia looting arrests / Image courtesy of 6 ABC

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Larry Krasner May Walk Back Some of the Philadelphia Looting Charges

In a move that would surprise absolutely none of his oh-so-vocal critics, it sounds like Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner might walk back some of the charges filed against people in last week’s looting incidents.

Krasner held a press conference on Monday at which he referred to last week’s events as “unrest,” which is certainly one way to put it. He promised to review each and every case to be sure that the charges fit each defendant’s situation.

“A large number of them are young,” Krasner said of the dozens arrested. “They are between the ages of 18 and 25. In general, what we’re seeing is that most of them have no criminal record or a minimal criminal record. … There are certainly some people in this group who are much more concerning than others. … Part of our task will be to make sure we do individual justice in each one of these cases.”

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Police Department continues to examine video evidence (thanks, Meatball!) and says more arrests are on the way.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

Speaking of controversial district attorneys, Seth Williams is back in the news. In case you’re new here or just blocked any memory of the name “Seth Williams” from your brain, he was the district attorney of Philadelphia from 2010 through 2017. His time in office was filled with all sorts of scandalous whiffs. Finally, in 2017, Williams pleaded guilty in a bribery case.

The judge, who scolded Williams for stealing money from his ailing mom, sentenced him to five years in prison. He walked out of prison in 2020 but remained under federal supervision until very recently. And now that he’s no longer under the thumb of the feds, he’s speaking out and basically claiming he was the victim of a conspiracy involving the feds and the Catholic Church. Because of course.

Mom Confronts Marauding Motorcyclist

If you’re sick and tired of motorcyclists and ATV riders taking over the streets of Philadelphia, you’re probably going to love this wild video of a mom confronting one in Center City after he smashed in the back windshield of her car while her kids were inside. Honestly, I’m not sure this was the smartest decision in the world on her part. But she definitely gets the 2023 Philly Badass of the Year Award, as far as I’m concerned.

Local Talent

Boyz II Men

(Photo courtesy of Live Nation)

B-B-B-Boyz II Men. The vocally-gifted CAPA grads just announced a show at the spectacular Met on North Broad Street. Tickets for the February 17th show go on sale to the general public this Friday. There’s a presale starting Wednesday. In case you don’t have your calendar handy, February 17th is the Saturday after Valentine’s Day. Sounds like a sweet date with your sweetie.

By the Numbers

11 percent: Increase in deaths by accidental drug overdose in Philadelphia in 2022 vs. 2021, according to a new city report. More than 80 percent of those overdoses involved opioids. And nearly all of those deaths involved fentanyl.

35: Number of days some Pennsylvania legislators want to move the 2024 Pennsylvania primary up, from April 23rd to March 19th. The stated problem with April 23rd is that Passover starts the day before. But the added benefit to moving the primary would be that Pennsylvania would get an earlier say in nominating presidential candidates. As it stands right now, most states have primaries before Pennsylvania’s.

85 percent: Amount of the ritzy and ambitious Arthaus condo building at Broad and Spruce streets that remains unsold. If you build it, will they come?

And from the Can’t-Wait Sports Desk …

The Phils’ Wild Card playoff series with the Miami Marlins begins tonight at 8:08 at CBP. Zack Wheeler (13-6) will be starting for the Fightin’s, with Jésus Luzardo (10-9) on the mound for the Fish. The Miami team won all four of its games against the Phils that Luzardo started this season. Check out our guide to the playoffs here.

People. You know what to do.

Oh, and Matt?

We agree. As do the fans. He’s very appealing.

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