With Egg Prices So High, Philly Needs to Finally Legalize Backyard Chickens

Plus: Construction workers almost threw away an important 19th-century painting at Penn.

If backyard chickens were legal in Philadelphia, you wouldn't have to spend high prices on eggs at the supermarket like this guy is doing

If backyard chickens were legal in Philadelphia, you wouldn’t have to spend high prices on eggs at the supermarket like this guy is doing. (Getty Images)

One Way to Combat High Egg Prices: Legalize Backyard Chickens

The battle over backyard chickens has been going on for years in Philadelphia, ever since killjoy City Councilmember Brian O’Neill successfully led the charge to ban them back in 2004. But now that egg prices are at positively ridiculous levels, maybe it’s time our legislators finally legalize the critters.

Don’t get me wrong. City Council has plenty of other things to deal with. And this city has much, much bigger problems than the ban on backyard chickens. But eggs are an incredibly healthy food source, filled with all sorts of good things like vitamins, minerals and lots of protein. And three backyard chickens can easily yield about a dozen eggs per week.

In May 2022, City Councilmember Curtis Jones Jr., whose district stretches from Roxborough and Manayunk to Overbrook in West Philadelphia, introduced a bill that would legalize backyard chickens. The bill was co-sponsored by Helen Gym and Derek Green, both now mayoral candidates.

According to Joshua Cohen, chief of staff for Jones, their office originally got “major pushback” from the health department, and since then, Council now has five new members (thanks to the members who quit to run for mayor) whom Jones needs to work with on the matter. But Smith says Jones hopes to make backyard chickens a reality in Philadelphia before the end of the year.

And, no, you’re not going to be awakened at the crack of dawn by cock-a-doodle-doos. Jones is only pushing for the legalization of hens, which don’t, y’know, crow. If anybody suggests legalizing roosters, I’ll be the first to publicly shame them. Mayoral hopeful Allan Domb tells me he’s definitely open to the idea of backyard chickens, so long as they don’t prevent residents from “the quiet enjoyment of their lives.” I can’t remember the last time Philly was quiet. But maybe that’s just me.

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