Super Bowl Sunday Will Be a Veritable Police State in Philadelphia

Plus: Fetterman hospitalized. Racist Catholic schoolgirls go national. And HGTV wants to give your home a makeover.

expect many more police than normal on super bowl sunday in philadelphia when the Philadelphia eagles play the kansas city chiefs

Expect many more police than normal on Super Bowl Sunday in Philadelphia when the Philadelphia Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs (Getty Images)

Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl Means Philadelphia Is Going to Be a Veritable Police State

After the recent fan celebrations in Philadelphia following big wins by the Phillies and the Eagles, with some celebrations turning into alleged assaults against police and significant vandalism, it sounds like the Philadelphia Police Department is taking absolutely no chances when the Eagles take on the Chiefs on Super Bowl Sunday, based on this report from Maggie Kent of 6ABC.

Michael Cram, the Philadelphia Police Department’s head of homeland security and special events policing told 6ABC that literally every Philadelphia police officer who is physically able to work will be working.

“All days off are canceled,” Cram said. “Shifts extended to 12 hours.”

But it’s not just the Philadelphia Police Department involved. No, far from it. Cops from more than 40 police departments in Delaware County will be on hand in Philadelphia. Plus, the Streets Department intends to use their trucks as “blockers” in strategic ways, perhaps to prevent fans from getting anywhere near the roof of a SEPTA bus stop shelter? (Then again, who is going to stop said fans from mounting the trash truck?!)

Cram stressed that police want everybody to have fun and take over the street following the inevitable (right?) Eagles Super Bowl win. He just wants everybody to do it safely.

Also note: You were probably already planning on utilizing SEPTA, Lyft or Uber on Sunday. And that sounds like a really good idea. Just because it’s smart but also because Pennsylvania State Police will be out in force looking for DUIs.

In other words: Have a blast. Be safe. Be smart. Get crazy. But not too crazy. Come Monday, I’d much rather be writing about all the fun had by revelers on Super Bowl Sunday as opposed to all the arrests made.

Speaking of Philly Police

I was wondering what was up with all the helicopters near my West Philadelphia neighborhood on Wednesday. It turns out that an on-duty Philadelphia police officer was shot. He’s expected to recover. And unlike with most shootings in the City of Philadelphia, police already have three suspects in custody related to this one, including the alleged shooter.

And More About Philly Police

The Philadelphia Inquirer has all you need to know about the latest scandal surrounding the Philadelphia Police Department.

John Fetterman Is In the Hospital

On Wednesday, John Fetterman, who suffered a stroke during 2022’s brutal campaign against Dr. Oz, felt lightheaded, so his staff took him to the hospital.

Fetterman’s office sent the following statement out just before midnight on Wednesday:

Towards the end of the Senate Democratic retreat today, Senator John Fetterman began feeling lightheaded. He left and called his staff, who picked him up and drove him to The George Washington University Hospital. Initial tests did not show evidence of a new stroke, but doctors are running more tests and John is remaining overnight for observation. He is in good spirits and talking with his staff and family. We will provide more information when we have it.

I’ll keep you posted.

So Who Is Going to Win the Super Bowl?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking the Eagles will win the Super Bowl. And I don’t disagree with you. Nor do the majority of experts ESPN asked about the outcome of the Super Bowl. Sixty-three percent of the experts favored a Philadelphia Eagles win, with 37 percent voting Kansas City Chiefs.

As for the other predictions by those polled: most predicted a final score of 27-24 or 31-24. The lowest predicted score? 24-14. The highest? 38-34. The vast majority of the experts said the game would be decided by just one touchdown, or less.

Read the full report here.

Oh Yay

That racist incident from a Philadelphia Catholic schools makes national news. But, yeah, spraying black paint on somebody’s face while racial slurs are being uttered while it’s all being captured on video is probably not something they’ll want to mention on their college applications.

Is Anybody Else Getting Sick Of “It’s a Philly Thing”?

Sorry, but “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care” was so much better. And we shoulda just stuck with it.

Call Me Neurotic, But I Always Worry About This Shit

A woman was injured after a piece of a concrete facade fell off a Center City building and landed on her.

Need a Home Makeover? HGTV Wants to Help.

Details below:

And from the Win-Some-Lose-Some Sports Desk …

Need more Eagles distractions to get you through to Sunday? Consider Will Leitch’s New York magazine story on why everybody everywhere all at once should root for the Eagles in the Super Bowl. (Hint: It’s partly because Philly’s celebration videos are more fun.)

It’s about time! Two proud local traditions, together at last. (Yes, Girl Scout Cookies have local roots.)

And one brand-new tradition for ya — in Ukrainian, no less!

The Sixers started their usual five against the best-in-the-East Boston Celtics last night: Harden, Embiid, Melton, Tucker, Harris. Gad, that floor up there is gaudy AF.

Fashion report: Joel was back in braids. Philly came out on fire but was down 30-27 at the close of the first. Boston went way up in the second, but the Sixers hauled their way back to within four, 59-55, at the half.

In the third, our guys kept almost tying it, then falling back, almost tying it again, then falling back. The Celtics were raining threes, and by the end of the quarter, they were in front 86-79.

On to the finale! With four minutes left, the Sixers were down four, 98-94, after Matisse Thybulle hit two threes in a row. Joel sank two foul shots at 2:35 to make it 97-100, but Derrick White hit a three that put it about out of sight. Final: 105-99.

An awful lot of fans are unhappy with Doc Rivers, and you can see why. The Celtics were missing three key players from the start — Al Horford, Marcus Smart and Robert Williams III — and Jaylen Brown got elbowed in the face by teammate Jayson Tatum in the second quarter and had to leave the game. So the Sixers really should have pulled this one out. “A loss of opportunity,” as Alaa said.

Last night was a madhouse in college hoops. The Drexel Dragons scrambled the Delaware Blue Hens down in Newark, 58-54. La Salle put away St. Bonaventure in Western New York State, 76-70. In the sole local loss, the Temple Owls just barely dropped a tough one to the SMU Mustangs, 77-76. Villanova only got stronger at the end to win a thriller against visiting DePaul, 81-65. And last but not least, St. Joe’s held steady to pull out a big win at Loyola Chicago:

Three more days, friends. Three more days. Chill the beer.

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