Sneak Peek: Inside Philadelphia Magazine’s December Issue

They slobber, they stink — and they’re the only thing getting lots of Philadelphians through a very tough year. Our December issue looks at how dogs have taken center stage in 2020.

december 2020 issue

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The December 2020 issue of Philadelphia magazine is on its way to mailboxes right now, and it’s bursting with content that gets at the heart of life in the region right now.

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december 2020 issueThe Dog Days of COVID: They slobber, stink, and shed everywhere. They’re also, writes Ashley Primis, the only thing getting a lot of Philadelphians through a very tough year.

december 2020 issue
The Art of the Home Office: Deputy editor Sarah Zlotnick shows how to carve out an at-home ­workspace that will help you stay on task and keep you feeling professional — even on days when you never get out of your bathrobe.

december 2020 issue
The Day the Great Apes Died: Deputy editor Sandy Hingston looks back at a devastating fire at the Philadelphia Zoo that took place 25 years ago this month. The disaster broke the city’s heart and raised a loaded question: What, exactly, do we owe the animals in our care?

december 2020 issue
Victim Number 203: Raheem Ikeam Myers was a young man with children, a big extended family, and a faith that sustained him. He was also the 203rd homicide casualty in what has become one of Philly’s most violent years. Writer Lynette Tolbert Hazelton explores how his complicated story reveals the ways the city failed to protect him — and so many like him.

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