The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Philly Phans’ Phear Phactor

Guess who's scared to play our Eagles?

Eli Manning. (Jeff Fusco)

Goodness sakes, it seems like only last week we were telling you about a federal court confirming Philadelphians’ God-given right to flip people off. (Oh, it was!) And now, this week, we’ve got concrete evidence of just how important exercising that free-speech right can be! Appearing on a panel Wednesday on football and brain injuries, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning — proud member of the Manning Pigskin Dynasty and winner of multiple Super Bowl MVP awards — confessed that he finds Philly (uh-huh, that’s right, that’s us!) the toughest away venue in which to practice his profession. And why? Well, he said, elsewhere throughout the league, young fans are thrilled to meet even visiting NFL players. But in Philly …

You go there, and that nine-year-old kid is giving you the double finger. Not a thumbs-up. Not, ‘We’re No. 1.’ And he said something about my mom; I had to Google what it was. It’s just different. It’s a different culture.

Oh, Philly. How you do you. We’ve never been more proud.